Be Naughty Kit


Explore each other's wild side with the be naughty kit, discover the naughtier side of life with this all-in-one beginner's bondage kit. Perfect for lovers who've always wanted to explore and enhance there romantic and sexual life.

5 Piece Erotic Set

Please your partner with our brand new 5 piece Be Naughty set which includes the following:

  •     Ball Gag
  •     Fluffy Handcuffs
  •     Leather Whip
  •     Be Naughty Blindfold
  •     Feather Duster

Everything included in the Be Naughty 5 piece set is what’s needed to turn you or your partner on. Whip them into shape with the leather whip or tie them up with fluffy handcuffs gently teasing your partner whilst you caress them.

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